Pittston Air Quality Concerns

Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 08:10 PM
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Pittston Air Quality Observed by EPA

Indoor Air Quality in PennsylvaniaThere are a lot of health risks in today’s society, but with modern technology, doctors have researched solutions that have proven to save us from these illnesses that used to be deadly. Although technology and research has come a long way, there is still a gap, even in Pittston, PA. Two million people perish every year from poor indoor air quality. Pittston residents should take charge during air quality awareness month, and have an air purification system installed in their home.

The EPA has already made an index for us to view the air quality of a given city. This index is commonly known as the air quality index, or AQI. Pittston residents can view the overall air quality of their city by going to the EPA’s website. The air quality index has a scale of zero to five hundred, factoring in carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, particle pollution, and ground level ozone layer.

These factors are a great way to summarize the air quality of Pittston, PA. You can quickly access and discover whether or not Pittston’s air quality is safe or not. The scale breaks down into several parts. Zero to fifty indicates a safe level of air pollution. This means that the air is deemed clean with no adverse health risks present. The level between fifty and one hundred indicates a risk to sensitive groups. The risk level increases between 100 and 200, affecting more and more people. Levels above two hundred essential affect everyone adversely. While the risk level increases, and air quality is dipleeting above 200, there are two main levels you need to know. Fifty indicating the breach of safety, and two hundred, essentially stating everyone is affected.

Radon Gas and Air Quality

Radon gas is another threat to the air quality of Pittston, PA. Radon gas is created naturally in the soil beneath your home, and seeps into your home through the foundation, water supply, or several other methods. Regardless of how it gets into your Pittston home, your home is now a breeding area for lung cancer unless you take proper action. One reason radon gas is not included in the air quality index, is the fact that it could be isolated to a single home. Your Pittston home may have radon gas, but the only way to know for sure is with radon testing.

Obviously, with millions of lives lost every single year because of air quality, this should be a lot bigger of a concern that it often gets attention for. Radon gas and pollutants combine to kill so many each year, but the real sad thing is that many of these deaths may be preventable. With an air purification system from S.W.A.T. Environmental, you can have the radon mitigation you need, and reduction of pollutants to allow you to breathe easy. Take action for your Pittston home during air quality awareness month.

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