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It’s National Radon Action Month, Have You Tested Your Pittston, Pennsylvania Home for Radon?

Radon Action Month Pittston, PAIf you own a home in the Pittston area, you may already be vaguely familiar with the dangers posed by radon gas. After all, radon contamination is a real problem in the entire Pittston area, and you may even know other homeowners who have been affected by this dangerous but invisible radioactive gas.

If you have not yet had your Pittston area home tested for radon contamination, you may want to take advantage of National Radon Action Month. The Environmental Protection Agency has recently announced that the month of January is also National Radon Action Month. This announcement is no doubt an attempt to get homeowners in the Pittston area and elsewhere to have their homes tested, since many people do not even realize that they have a problem.

Radon Action Month is the Perfect Time to Test Your Home for Radon

National Radon Action Month comes at a perfect time for Pittston area residents, many of whom have not yet had their homes tested for radon. Since radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and the most common cause among non-smokers, simply having their homes tested for radon can have some significant health benefits. Once you know that your Pittston area home has high levels of radon, you will be in a better position to have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

If you have your Pittston area home tested for radon and find no problems, you can rest assured that you and your family are protected. If you do find high levels of radon in your Pittston area home, the next step is to hire a radon mitigation company you can trust. When it comes to radon in the Pittston area, it is not enough to simply hire the first contractor you find. Radon is a specialized problem, and it requires an equally specialized solution. Hiring a company like SWAT is the best way to ensure the radon problems in your Pittston area home are truly a thing of the past.

Take Advantage of SWAT’s Experience and January Discounts!

One of the advantages of having SWAT do your radon mitigation work is the fact that we are the largest company of its kind in the nation. Our national scope and national footprint gives us access to the largest number of certified technicians in the industry, so you can be sure the people who work on your Pittston area home will have the equipment and the expertise needed to do the job and do it right.

During the month of January, SWAT will be celebrating National Radon Action Month with special events and discounts, all designed to encourage Pittston area homeowners to deal effectively with their radon problems. If you have not yet had your Pittston area home tested for radon, why not use National Radon Awareness Month to protect yourself, your property values and the health and well being of your family?